Fair Housing Complaint Procedure

Town of East Spencer

Housing discrimination is prohibited by Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968 (Fair Housing Act) and
the North Carolina Fair Housing Act. In an effort to promote fair housing and that the rights of housing
discrimination victims are protected, Town of East Spencer has adopted the following procedures for
receiving housing discrimination complaints:

1. Any person or persons wishing to file a complaint of housing discrimination in the town may do
so by informing the town administrator of the facts and circumstance of the alleged
discriminatory acts or practice.

2. Upon receiving a housing discrimination complaint, the town administrator shall acknowledge the
complaint within 15 days in writing and inform the Division of Water Infrastructure and the
North Carolina Human    Relations Commission about the complaint.

3. The town administrator shall offer assistance to the Commission in the investigation and
reconciliation of all housing discrimination complaints which are based on events occurring in the town.

4. The town administrator shall publicize in the local newspaper, with the TDD#, who is the local
agency to contact with housing discrimination complaints.

It is the policy of the Town of East Spencer to implement the CDBG program to ensure equal opportunity
in housing for all persons regardless of religion, race, color, national origin, age, sex,
familial status, or marital status.

If you have any questions about the complaint procedure or would like to register a complaint of fair
housing discrimination please contact the Town Administrator, 105 S. Long Street, East Spencer NC
28039, 704-636-7111, townadministrator@townofeastspencer.org or, for the hearing impaired, TDD
assistance is available at (TDD #711) and providing the facts and circumstances of alleged discriminatory
act or practice.

This information is available in Spanish or any other language upon request. Please contact James Bennett
at 704-636-7111 or at 105 S. Long Street, East Spencer NC 28039 for accommodations for this request.

Esta información está disponible en español o en cualquier otro idioma bajo petición. Por favor, póngase
en contacto con James Bennett al 704-636-7111 o en 105 S. Long Street, East Spencer NC 28039 de
alojamiento para esta solicitud.