Boards & Commission

The Town Board appoints the following boards and commissions which advise and assist the Town Board. 

Community Beautification Commission

The Community Beautification Commission assists the Town Board in initiating, establishing, and enhancing programs, projects, and policies that improve the overall physical appearance and quality of life in East Spencer.

Special Requirements: Efforts are made to maintain at least a majority of members who have a special interest or training in landscaping, beautification, or gardening.

Historical Commission

The Historical Commission is a municipal historical preservation body working to document history, save and reuse buildings, and make the public more aware of the necessity and advantages of preservation of the Town of East Spencer and Rowan County, North Carolina, and the preservation and promotion of our local history.

Community Development Committee

The Community Development Committee is a catalyst to improve the quality of life in selected neighborhoods within the greater East Spencer area. Through the utilization of innovative and creative methods, the CDC seeks to:

  • Develop attractive, quality, affordable housing

  • Encourage partnerships among other organizations with common goals and interest

  • Empower individuals and families to become self-sufficient

Parks And Recreation Advisory Board

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board serves as a liaison between the Town Board, Town Administrator, and citizens. The Board consults with the citizens and offers leadership and advice on matters concerning Parks and Recreation policies and programs.

Meetings subject to change (based on members)

Planning Board

The Planning Board is responsible for providing land development policy, zoning ordinance review, and development of policy recommendations to the Town Board.

Special Requirements: Members should be residents who have a strong interest in working to improve the physical character of the Town.

Special Events Committee

The Special Events Committee helps the Town develop, organize, and promote events and projects which will improve the community and enhance local quality of life.

Special Requirements: Members should be residents of East Spencer or its environs who have a keen interest in promoting the Town

Public Safety Outreach Committee

The Public Safety Outreach Committee partners with the police chief and fire chief to identify and promote initiatives involving police and firemen to collaborate with citizens on projects such as neighborhood watches, reporting of service needs, joint community projects, and special public safety events.

Special Requirements: Citizen members should be town residents who have background or interest in working with police and fire officers.

Streets And Transit Advisory Board

The Streets and Transit Advisory Board serve as a liaison between the Town and citizens on matters concerning street maintenance and transit services. This Board makes recommendations to the Public Works Supervisor or the Town Administrator on matters affecting service scheduling, unmet needs, street repairs and improvements, transit services, and related matters.

Special Requirements: Membership includes citizens with experience or interest in street maintenance, transit services, or related matters.